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Your HOA board is made up of a group of diverse individuals with a variety of backgrounds and expertise. You may be fortunate to have some board members who have an understanding of the legal, financial and human resource areas of managing an association, but chances are you have some gaps.

Hignell HOA management is here to help you fill in those gaps and gain outside perspective and clarity.

The following areas are the most important when it comes to general HOA management: 

  • Understanding HOA law and staying compliant

  • Building a reserve fund for large projects and emergencies

  • Enforcing HOA rules

  • Keeping members informed

  • Getting things done at your board meetings

How is your board managing these areas?

If your answer is not well, you’re not alone. Most boards struggle with some aspect in each area because it just doesn’t have the skills or tools.

Hignell HOA management provides full board management, consulting and accounting services to associations ranging in size from 25 units to 2300 units. Our range of services can meet the needs that you have for accountability and service, and we ensure that everything we do is measured by our commitment to "Creating Caring Communities."

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