HOA Management Can be Overwhelming

When it comes to managing your association, HOA board members have the responsibility to understand A LOT – and it can be overwhelming!

If your board struggles with:

  • Enforcing the governing documents
  • Members consistently violating the HOA rules
  • Funding issues
  • Member involvement and understanding
  • And more…

…you’re not alone.

Most HOA boards struggle with some aspect in each area because they just don’t have the expert knowledge or haven’t been properly trained as a board member. We can help. We consult with you to help you in these key areas:

  • Governing Documents Review
  • Community Rules Review and Recommendations
  • Board Member Training
    • Discover the necessary skills and tools to protect, maintain and enhance your HOA
  • Reserve Study Analysis
    • Find out your options to build a reserve fund for large projects and emergencies
  • RFP Administration
    • We develop Requests for Proposal on behalf of your Association so that you know exactly what to ask and how to assess any property management companies you are considering hiring. 
  • General HOA Consulting
    • Hignell HOA Management provides general consulting on a vast array of HOA topics to help your board.

ready to consult with an expert?

Whether you need a single conversation, or a regular monthly ongoing discussion, let Hignell HOA Management be your thinking partner so you have the confidence you need as a Board member.

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