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Here at The Hignell Companies, we value educating our customers and making sure you have the resources you need to be the best Board Member you can be.  Below, you will find some free information you are welcome to take advantage of, as well as some great resources that are affordable and will position you and your Board for success.


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Compliance &
Safety Bundle

  • 7 Key Laws That Impact Your HOA
  • Tips to Avoid California HOA Lawsuits
  • Safety Concerns Your HOA Board Can’t Ignore
  • Scenarios That Require 3rd Party Intervention
  • Hiring 3rd Party Contractors
  • [BONUS] Insurance Claims Quiz
  • [BONUS] Foreclosure Frequently Asked Questions

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Order Your
Board Member
Bootcamp Bundle

  • HOA Board Roles & Responsibilities
  • 5 Steps to Enforce Your HOA Rules and Regulations
  • HOA Board Election Guidelines
  • Quick Reference Guide for Preparing Your HOA Annual Disclosures
  • [Bonus] Tips for Effective Board Meetings
  • [Bonus] Letter Templates for HOA Boards to Use

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Order Your
Accounting & Reserve
Fund Planning Bundle

  • Discover the 9 Biggest HOA Reserve Fund Mistakes
  • Accounting Cheat Sheet
  • Do’s & Don’ts of Collecting Overdue HOA Fees
  • Quick Reference Guide for Preparing Your HOA Annual Disclosures
  • [Bonus] Top 7 Considerations for Planning Your HOA Reserve Funds

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