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Does your Board have all the resources you need to ensure you are meeting all of your legal and financial obligations? Let us help.

If you are on your HOA or Condominium Association's board of directors, you know how challenging it can be to help keep your association up-to-date with the laws and out of legal trouble. Add to that the ongoing need for conflict resolution as concerns arise among your homeowners, and you can become quickly overwhelmed. Where can you turn for advice and help to meet the demands and ensure that your association is running smoothly?

Managing and consulting with HOA Boards is what we do all day long. From hands on comprehensive management services in California, to nationwide consulting for financial management and board management, we have the resources you need.

We offer support for every aspect of running a successful Homeowner Association Board and can help you learn how to have an effective meeting, how to look at your budget and make sure you have reserve funds for the future, and how to adjust your governing documents as the laws of the land change. 

Need Some Outside Perspective?

Whether you need input on general HOA board management, how to handle finances, or handling HR challenges, we are here to help. We get calls from all over the country and we love to help HOA board members gain perspective. While you might feel like your situation is different than others, with 30 years under our belt helping HOA boards, we have probably already solved something you are going through, or something like it. You are not alone and we can help!

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header-triangleFrom Our Clients...

I have been a resident of the Woodoak Condominium community for 27 years including 25 years of participation serving on the Homeowners Board of Directors.   In that capacity I have intimate knowledge as to the workings of the Board and the relationships established with the Association’s management namely the Hignell Company. At last count I believe 8 or 9 Hignell Community Association Management (CAM) staff members have served as our Association’s property manager. The term of our many managers have varied from a few months to several years. In most cases, I as Secretary to the Board, have been able to form a strong and effective relationship with the then current manager. That bond enables good and effective communication and the ability to quickly solve the problems that often occur. I find the usually well-trained CAM staff of Hignell to be highly responsive to our needs, very professional in their conduct and promptly provide meaningful solutions to our problems.  As our Management Agent, Hignell Companies has provided competent, accurate, professional, and caring management activities over my tenure.  I highly recommend and endorse without reservation,  Hignell Properties for your management needs.” Tom Fiscus, Board Secretary, Woodoak HOA

We moved into Woodcrest in early 2014 and shortly there after, I took the position of Treasurer.  Having experience with Budgets and Forecasts I quickly realized that I had very little knowledge on how HOA's operate.  The Hignell team came to my rescue, and provided the guidance and training necessary to manage the Woodcrest budgets.  The Hignell team has gone above and beyond to ensure I have the tools, knowledge and assistance I need to that ensure the money spent is in alignment with our Operating and Reserve budgets.  They have brought new ideas, already researched, providing unbiased pro's and con's, and once the decision is made, have the support team in place to make it happen.  The depth and breadth of their team members is providing a solid foundation for Woodcrest to meet our current and future needs. Thank you Hignell!" Eric Schumacher, Treasurer, Woodcrest Condominiums

Our HOA contracted with Hignell to assist us in developing a process for selection of a management company.  We had used a management company for over 25 years and while we were not looking to necessarily replace them, we felt we needed to have a solid basis for ensuring that our costs for services rendered were comparable with other management companies.

A subcommittee of the Board of Directors worked directly with Hignell staff to develop a statement of work and expectations of services from a management company.  Hignell's HOA experience was invaluable in this process.  They gathered feedback from the subcommittee, incorporated it into a final document that was sent to interested bidders, scheduled virtual interviews with interested bidders, kept bidders informed about where we were in our search, and basically kept the subcommittee on track as we went through this process.  One of the things I really liked about Hignell is that they offered opinions that helped shape development of our expectations, and suggestions about what to ask bidders, but made it clear that final decisions needed to be from the subcommittee and not Hignell.  Without Hignell's support, we might have ended up in the same place but it would have taken so much longer if the subcommittee had had to handle all the administrative logistics relating to reviewing management companies.  We also felt the fees Hignell charged were reasonable given the amount of work they did on our behalf.

HOA Board members are dedicated volunteers with a desire to help their community, but it is rare to have members that understand in details the ins and outs of managing an HOA. Thanks to Hignell's assistance, we were able to produce a comprehensive document that clearly outlined our expectations and asked the pertinent questions a qualified bidder had to answer.  Hignell's services were outstanding and it doesn't hurt to add the staff all were personable with great senses of humor.”  Jerry Dunn, Fountain Grove Ranch Master Association, Santa Rosa

I have served on the board of directors for a Chico homeowners’ association for a total of nearly twenty years. Hignell is the second management firm our association has used. I am pleased with the service we received from Carrie, our representative, and others with the firm. Staff is consistently prompt at addressing our needs, always timely and always meeting deadlines. They demonstrate a wide ranging knowledge of the community and companies which can be contracted when specialized work is needed." David Brown, Board President, Brynwood Park POA

Our Board has been very pleased with the Hignell Property Management team and services. Having such a reliable, responsive, and competent Property Manager certainly has made our jobs as Board Members much easier. We are frequently dealing with multiple issues simultaneously ranging from resident relations, outside vendor services, insurance, and legal matters; yet everything manages to get done in a professional, timely manner. Hignell Property Management has been serving our Homeowners Association Board for over twenty years and that alone should speak to the value of their services to our community. As Board President I would not hesitate to recommend this company to any other association considering an outside management team. – Kathleen Lambert, Board President,  Sierra Lakeside Homeowner's Association

As President of the Sunridge Condo Owners Association, I have had the privilege of working side by side with Hignell as they filled the role of property manager. As our association’s acting property manager, The Hignell Companies have shown quality personal service, professionalism, and a willingness to serve our community. The managers who have been assigned to our account have been a great asset to our community. Their knowledge of association management, counsel, and problem solving capabilities has been invaluable through the various situations and challenges the association has come against. They have worked closely with us to ensure that our community and its members are well taken care of. – Joey Fontana, President, Sunridge Condo Association Inc.

We at Baydaline & Jacobsen LLP have had the pleasure of working with The Hignell Companies and their Community Association Management division for more than 18 years. The Hignell Companies has shown us that they strive to set a standard of excellence. They have an experienced team of managers and administrative staff that bring a considerable depth of knowledge to the benefit of their clients. The Hignell Companies have had great success in helping struggling associations become healthy and thriving communities through their management knowledge and expertise. We  recommend The Hignell Companies as a competent and comprehensive homeowners association management company and we believe that they will work hard with your best interest in mind."  Daren Bevan, Attorney at Law, Baydaline & Jacobsen LLP 

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